Todd Fisher

Todd Fisher


Chef Todd has always had a deep connection to the Agricultural industry of the Salinas Valley. Despite all his accomplishments on California’s Central Coast, including his current position as VP of Culinary Operations for Folktale Winery, pioneering farm to table dining, and traveling the country as the host of “United States of Bacon” on Discovery Networks, his most prestigious titles are Husband and Father. Chef Todd’s collaboration as Corporate Chef & Brand Ambassador for Duda Farm Fresh Foods makes perfect sense to this family oriented company. Chef is proud to work with the finest ingredients available and showcase the delicious flavors, versatility and health benefits of every crop grown by the Duda.

Jim Hendry

Jim Hendry

Before joining the Aprons program in 2002, James spent a number of years honing his culinary skills at some of southwest Florida’s most acclaimed restaurants. As the resident chef of Aprons Sarasota location, he has had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s finest chefs and winemakers and continues to pass along his own passion for food to all of his students, both young and old.


Anthony LoGerfo

Anthony LoGerfo joined Aprons Cooking School in October 2010. Coming from an Italian background, food and family have always been a big part of his life. In 1991, Anthony graduated from the French Culinary studying under the world-renowned Master Chef, Jaques Pepin, where he learned the most important lessons about traditional French cuisine. After three short years with Publix, Anthony has been promoted to Resident Chef. Still sharing his passion for food, culinary knowledge, and expertise so that you too can “learn to have fun in the kitchen”.

Chef Luis Reyes

Luis Reyes

Executive Chef Luis Reyes has enjoyed a culinary career that began in Puerto Rico where he was born.  After working in a small bakery in Puerto Rico, his interest in culinary art was ignited and he came to the U.S. where he established his culinary credibility working with organizations like The Breakers, the Hilton Corporation, and several privately owned Palm Beach restaurants.  Chef Luis’s career accelerated from there when he moved into the Executive Chef role for Sysco Food Service assisting hundreds of beloved restaurants across Central Florida. “I grew up in a family that taught me the dining table was the center of the family, which has shaped my passion for food.”