Chef Luis Reyes

Executive Chef Luis Reyes has enjoyed a culinary career that began in Puerto Rico where he was born.  After working in a small bakery in Puerto Rico, his interest in culinary art was ignited and he came to the U.S. where he established his culinary credibility working with organizations like The Breakers, the Hilton Corporation, and several privately owned Palm Beach restaurants.  Chef Luis’s career accelerated from there when he moved into the Executive Chef role for Sysco Food Service assisting hundreds of beloved restaurants across Central Florida. “I grew up in a family that taught me the dining table was the center of the family, which has shaped my passion for food.”

Chef Rosana Rivera

Over the course of their careers, husband and wife Chef team Rosana Rivera and Ricardo Castro have been featured extensively in print, TV and radio media.  Most recently, Chefs Rosana and Ricardo competed in Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, beating him with Chef Rosana’s signature Beef Empanadas.  The winning recipe will be featured in Flay’s upcoming cookbook, Beat Bobby Flay, Conquer the Kitchen with 100+ Battle Tested Recipes, debuting this Fall.  Chef Rosana has also been featured on the Today Show.  Not to be outshined, Chef Ricardo has upcoming national TV projects with a release date of Fall ’21. This dynamic duo has been the powerhouse behind many of Tampa Bay’s most popular restaurants over the past 10 years and operate several culinary ventures including the Chef & The Baker catering, cooking school, gourmet foods and kitchenware.